KYH Ep. 6 What is so great about gratitude?!

Gratitude…so much is made of this seemingly mundane practice. Admittedly, it’s a tough subject for me. In truth, it’s not a woo woo hippie thing. There are solid scientific studies that support the benefits of having a gratitude practice.

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  1. In regards to the Gratitude episode…I was blown away by HOLLANDERS bravery to tell come out and talk about his life and hardships that he endured.

    Sometimes sad things have to happen for happy things to happen. Sometimes GOD sends people to help you. And you do lose something that meant a lot and you valued…. Sometimes WE fail others and that’s okay we all make mistakes…sometimes WE are on top of the world…when the RIGHT people are supporting US…WE don’t feel alone..WE feel supported and loved and that’s what healthy relationships or friendships are about. It’k okay to be human, Forgive your self.

    Relationships/friendships fail when people are emotionally misunderstood, dishonest, selfish & have unmet expectations that lead to pain and frustrations, Another problem is they might be a little too passive aggressive,

    And last but… not least a lot of relationships/friendships are destroyed because instead of WE its ME . Ryan you have a deep soul and appear to be very supportive and helping Hollander . You both make a great team, I’m glad you still have the 2 puppies. I’m about to give some unsolicited advice Again…Hollander…there’s so much more your going to do in your life… But…your gonna have to make some BIG changes and your gonna need a SUPPORTIVE other half to make it happen or no other half at all…Life is tough..someone once told me there is no other way to be. Your way to smart…too good of a person. I believe by helping others it helps heal the trauma some of us suffered in our lives…

    Move out of your own way. As it’s generally understood,… “getting out of your own way” implies somehow putting aside the anxieties and doubts, EGO concerns and career pressures… “mental blocks” and “critical inner voices”…pick your favorite pet term…that stand between you and the effortless flow of work. As though, if you just did enough therapy, or meditated deeply enough, or visualized sincerely enough, or manifested enough positive energy, you could disavow all the stuff that gets in the way of your creativity your dreams. Law School was your 1st step to get you where you want to go.

    Get out of your own way. Do something your very uncomfortable with. Make amends with those you care about. I’m sorry early 2018 had to be so rough ..but you have grown and have more insight why they happened the way they did.

    Good luck…

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